Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z - French Opening

2018-03-13 11:23 UTC
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AB Groupe made their own opening (which coincidentally was also the ending theme) for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z in France and other European countries (as well as Canada's English speaking part) who'd license their version of the series. Some love it, some hate it. Video: Best of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Vol. 3 - Raw Audio French - Raw

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  • Dragon Ball & Z - French Opening
    • Dragon Ball - French Opening [D98362A8][Impakt].mkv (40.6 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball Z - French Opening [5BD59363][Impakt].mkv (44.7 MiB)

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dragon ball have 4 differrent version for the french opening (i mean 2 video versions and 4 audio versions) (op and end are allways the same song so i talk only about opening) dragon ball z, there is 4 differrent version, 3 videos versions and 4 audios versions (same as db) dragon ball gt have a french opening (that do ending too ) air only few time and never released
are you kidding? you dont even let anyone complete the torrent. 5.4 % left for me.
@correvlr Several people downloaded it but I guess all of them bounced. Sorry about that.
Completed: 2 several? and so what? thats not a reason to you remove your seed.
its 1.1% left for me and another guy. does it bother you to put the seed for a couple of minutes? at leat post mega links with those files, since they are less than 50 mbs
@correvir 53onze.com doesn't accurately include the amount of folks that complete it and I know it was definitely way more than just two. If you want it, just keep it as is and I'll get back to it. I'm uploading to MEGA as of right now so please hold on.
dude 15 hours to put the seed and to make 50mb mega links? i stayed with my computed on all night waiting for the seed. wtf?
Mega Link From This Torrent, please!! Dragon Ball Z: Canadian-French Dub (feat. Faulconer Score) http://53onze.com/view/1009089
its a waste of our time to ask anything for this guy. 1 day and 7 hours and NO SEED and that UPLOADING TO MEGA OF -100MB is taking too long. how can i report the torrent and the uploader?
@correvlr I'm sincerely uploading a ton of shit to MEGA as of right now and I've decided that I'll also upload these French openings as part of it. All of it will be posted on a relatively big thread at ffshrine. I'm not trying to hoard this shit, dude. lol
@SaotomeZ I'll upload that to MEGA, too.
I get the frustration not being able to download but I'm doing what I can and can't do to share what I have and what I think it's worth sharing so give me some time. It'll all be up before April.
dude its less than 100mb, besides, 5 people are STUCK with 1 PER CENT LEFT. it doesnt make any sense what are you saying. what is the problem to seed for less than 5 minutes?
Yeah, alrightey. I'll see about seeding it later.
There. Seeding it now. I know, you'll say "It took you damn long enough" and haha, you're right. I wasn't really planning on re-seeding it since I'm going the direct download route, anyway.
This torrent is so funny, 0 seeders, 0 leechers :D